League Rules



1 .The object of the Leagues is to encourage friendly but keen competition between all the Clubs in the Federation. The Short Lawn League is intended to encourage less experienced players to participate in matches. Teams should, as far as possible, be chosen with this objective in mind. The Full Lawn and Golf Croquet Leagues are for players of all standards and the winning Club at Full Lawn will be eligible to represent the Federation in the Secretary’s Shield in the following season.

2 .The League Manager will be elected at each A.G.M. and will be responsible for running the Leagues during the season. The Manager will have the power to resolve any disputes over these Rules or any matter not covered by them.

3 .The League Manager will coordinate arrangements for the season’s fixtures, publishing a list of provisional dates for matches, which Clubs will confirm or rearrange, to mutual satisfaction. Match dates should be agreed no later than 4 weeks before the match is to be played and all changes to the published list should be notified to the League Manager. 1 further rearrangement is permitted by mutual agreement. If Clubs are unable to agree a date, the home team has priority.

4 .Clubs can enter more than one team in a League but no player can play for more than one team in each League in any season. To avoid cancelling a match, a team can, with the consent of the opposing team, include 1 player who is not a member of that Club, provided he/she represents no other Club in that League in that season. There is no restriction on Clubs substituting new players in the second half of a match as long as the players’ handicaps and team handicap order are observed.

5 .Short Lawn League games will be played under Croquet Association rules for Short Croquet.

2 formats are permitted, and should be agreed at least 4 weeks before the match is played. Where Clubs cannot agree, format B will be played:

  1. A  Teams of 4 players, where a match will consist of 4 doubles and 8 singles.
  2. B  Teams of 3 players, where a match will consist of 2 doubles and 8 singles.

The order of play will be laid down by the League Manager from time to time or as agreed at the A.G.M.
The time limit is 75 minutes for both doubles and singles.
The maximum handicap will be 10 bisques. (In doubles, each side has a handicap equal to half the joint handicap of the partners.)

6.Full Lawn League games will be 26 point, full bisque (to base 10) games played to appropriate Croquet Association handicap rules on full or near full-sized lawns.
The maximum handicap will be 24 bisques (with each player’s handicap being halved for doubles).

3 formats are permitted and should be agreed at least 4 weeks before the match is played. Where Clubs cannot agree, format B will be played:

  1. A  Teams of 4 players, where a match will consist of 2 doubles and 4 singles.
  2. B  Teams of 3 players, where a match will consist of 2 doubles and 2 singles.
  3. C  Teams of 3 players, where a match will consist of 1 doubles and 4 singles. The order

of play will be laid down by the League Manager from time to time or as agreed at the A.G.M. The time limit is 3 hours for both doubles and singles (3 hours 15 minutes if any part is double banked) but this may be varied if both team captains are in agreement.

7 .Golf Croquet League games will be best of 13 (first to 7) points.
There will be two Leagues, one Handicap and the other Level play.
The number of teams in any Division will be at the League Manager’s descretion.
Any player not in possession of an up-to-date card will be deemed to have a handicap of 6. The maximum handicap will be 12, games played to handicap difference (extra turns being

given between the opposite players, eg, A & 1; B & 2; etc., in doubles play).
The format will be played with teams of 4, the match consisting of 4 doubles and 16

The order of play will be laid down by the League Manager from time to time or as agreed at the A.G.M. and may be played on full-sized or half-sized lawns
The time limit is 40 minutes, 45 minutes if double banked. In the event of a draw, the next hoop will be played.

8.  The results of all matches should be reported by the home team within 7 days. By 20th October, the League Manager will send final results and League positions to each Club’s match secretary. Match secretaries must notify the League Manager of any errors and/or omissions by 1st November, after which, no changes will be accepted.

9.  The final League positions will be determined by the League Manager as follows:
results of matches will be recorded as ‘games won’ by each team. Hoop points scored in

individual games will not be considered.
a) For each match, 2 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw, the winning

team being the one with the greatest total of points.
b) If two or more teams have the same total points, the team winning the greatest

percentage of games will be the winner ( ie. games won as a percentage of games played).
c) If there is still no outright winner, the team with the greatest difference between games

won and games lost will be the winner.
d) If there is still no decision, the result of the game(s) between the tied teams will be taken

into account, following steps a, b, c, above.
e) If there is still a tie, the teams will be declared joint winners with, in the case of the Full

Lawn League, the entrant to the Secretary’s Shield being determined by lot.

10 . If weather conditions render one Club’s ground unfit for play, the venue for the match may be changed by mutual agreement in order to meet the agreed date, but the record of the original venue will stand.

11.If a Club fails to keep a match date in accordance with rule 3, a walk-over win will be awarded against the defaulting side. If a member of a team fails to arrive to play at the agreed time or fails to play for the full time for any game, the game(s) affected will be conceded as lost by the defaulting side.

12. As the Laws state, in doubles, a player may not play the partner ball. If a member of a team is not present at the start of the game, his/her ball is placed on the 1st or 3rd (Full Lawn and Short Croquet) or 4th (Golf Croquet) corner and will be deemed to have been played by the absent player. Should the defaulter arrive during the game, he/she plays the ball from wherever it lies.

13. A walk-over will be regarded as a win, scoring 3-1 in Full Lawn, 8-4 in Short League and 15 – 5 in Golf croquet.

14 .If a match is not played and the match secretaries agree that neither Club is at fault, the match will be recorded as ‘no result’. Similarly, if a match result is not reported to the League Manager by 1st November, it will be recorded as ‘no result’. All ‘no results’ will be recorded as 0-0 and neither team will get any points.

15 .Matches, once started, must be completed on the day without significantly overrunning the normal finish time. If a match cannot be finished owing to weather, ground conditions or other external factors (not including player availability problems) team captains should try to agree shortened formats, to permit all games to be completed, while allowing a reasonably normal game of croquet to be played. Where they cannot agree, mutually agree to stop all play, or circumstances prevent completion of games, the match result will be determined on the basis of completed games only. No uncompleted game may be conceded to an opponent, but either team captain may concede the match to the other, thus awarding 2 points to the winning team (the games won/lost remaining as they are, for completed games only).

16 .These rules may be amended at any General Meeting of the Federation by a simple majority of delegates present.

Amended/ratified 29th November, 2015

Additional Rulings for Golf Croquet Divisions 2016

Changes to the match play were made at the November, 2015 AGM. Please refer to the Federation
League Rules.

1. Arrangement of Matches: See Federation League Rules, 3. Please note that where possible the
dates,as set, do not clash with the dates of other types of croquet, as some players maybe involved with
more than 1 League.

2. Use of handicaps: See Federation League Rules, 7. Handicap cards are to be presented to the Home
Team Captain, who will initial the index changes of each player at the end of each match. Please help those
players unfamiliar with the correct use of the Handicap Cards.

3. Match Results: See Federation League Rules, 8. Please send copies of the full results sheet
(electronically or by post) to the League Manager. This will enable monitoring by the Federation
Handicapping Officer.

4. Use of Players across Clubs: Team players must be members the Club. A player may not play golf
croquet in each League for more than one Club, in each season. A player may play in two or more Leagues.

5. Any Club with more than 1 Team participating in a League must register an initial pool of 5 players per
team. These players will be the first choice for these teams. The lists of named players will appear on the
Federation website, assisting with monitoring the number of times a player plays for another team in the

6. In any Club with more than 1 Team participating in the League in different Divisions, no member of a
higher team may play down into any lower team.

7. Subject to paragraph 6., player members of any team may play into another team for a maximum of 2
(two) matches in any one season (regardless of the number of times this player has played for the original
team). At the time of playing for the other team for the third time, that player becomes a member of that team
and may not play again in his/her original team.

8. Promotion and Relegation: at the end of each season, the winning team of the lower Division will be
promoted to the higher one. At the same time, the team finishing the season last in the upper Division will be
relegated to the lower Division.

9. Order of Hoop Play: When double banking, the Primary colours and the Secondary colours will follow the
order to play hoops as set out by the World Croquet Federation/ Croquet Association Golf Croquet Rules.

10. Review: At each Federation AGM, the workings of the League Rulings will be reviewed, problems
discussed and remedies agreed upon.