The Leagues

Anna Giraud  is the Federation League Manager in 2017,  email

The Federation runs three leagues each season:

  1. Full Lawn Association Croquet: Mainly for experienced association croquet players but also suitable for players with a season or two of play, with official club handicaps and CA handicap cards. Clubs may enter with either 1 or 2 full sized lawns.
  2. Short Lawn Association Croquet: For players of all standards with official club handicaps and particularly suited to new players wishing to get some competitive experience. Clubs need to provide two short lawns.
  3. Golf Croquet: Suitable for all Golf Croquet players wanting some friendly competitive play. Clubs need to provide 2 lawns of any suitable size.  Players taking part should maintain handicap cards.  Clubs new to handicapping may require help in setting this up – see Support for Clubs section on this website.

All three leagues have flexible formats involving a mixture of singles and doubles play, with teams of 3 or 4 players but allowing substitutes if desired. Competition is keen but always friendly and an enjoyable day is usually guaranteed.

Entries to the leagues are made at the February AGM and matches played between May and September.